Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A long stay at the hospital

Paige came into the hospital on Wednesday which was the day after her check up. When I called Dr. Book I felt like the same crazy mom that called in for my weekly stressed out call. I felt so dumb calling the day after we had our checkup but Paige was not acting like her happy playful self. The nurse called us back and told us to bring her in. As soon as we got to the hospital she crashed. She would not open her eyes even when they caused her pain. she was screaming and arching her back so when Dr. Book saw her she was very worried. we got sent down to the ICU and once we got there Paige was acting like their was nothing wrong.
The next day we were moved to the IMCU for a week long stay on stat 1b. Paige had brain test that show that the toxins in her body were starting to slow her brain waves a problem that of course could be fixed by a liver. Even being on stat 1b we had no offers.
The day before Paige was supposed to be re-certified Dr book told me that for Paige would have to fell a yell test to be back on the stat 1b. Paige must have taken that to heart because the next morning she woke up after 7 hour sleep and was happy for 30 minutes....that was when she crashed again. She was screaming and arching her back. she would not open her eyes even when they caused her pain. she was twitching in her leg and arm that would happen randomly. When she open her eyes there was nothing there but a blank stare. She closed her eyes again and was screaming and arching her back. More blank stares every few minutes.Dr book joked and asked if I hit her with a baseball bat so I could keep her on stat 1b.
It is so hard to see your baby getting so sick but the positive is we have another week on stat 1b. We will not be able to leave the hospital until Paige gets her liver. So the hospital will be my new home for a long time.
Paige is a strong baby that I know I can make it. Keep Paige in your prayers.....pray for a liver for Paige.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paige has been pretty good about staying out of the hospital.she is a very strong baby for what she has had to endure. When we got are first liver offer I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders and when it did not happen the weight was back. It took two months to get an offer and then when it did not work out I got really scared. Paige is getting so sick so fast and there is nothing I can do.
It makes me so sad to see Paige in so much pain. I wish that I could be the one to take all of the pain. i cannot wait until she can get her liver and get her second chance.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

no liver for paige

Paige got an offer on thursday for a liver. The liver looked great on paper but when they looked at it the liver it was too sick. Paige has stayed out of the hospital but is getting more sick.We hope for a liver to come and save Paiges life.we keep praying that paige will get her second chance.