Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paige has been doing good but has had a few bumps along the way. We have been in the ICU for a 1 1/2 weeks and counting.
Paige looks like a whole new baby.She has pink baby skin and her belly is going down with each day. Her belly is completely closed and now we are waiting for her to get her breathing tube out. The breathing tube has been a struggle to get out with the fluid balance in her belly. These fluids have made her lungs very angry and sick which postponed getting the breathing tube out.
It is crazy to think that before transplant Paige's liver was in failure, her kidneys were failing, her brain waves were slowing, she was throwing up blood and was blood dependent. Now all of that has magically disappeared. Her kidney's are still trying to recover but now life has become a lot less stressful.I feel a weight has been lifted for now. Dr. Book never gave up on Paige and found Paige a liver like she said she would.I owe a lot to Dr Book and her team for saving my baby. I am so grateful that I get to keep Paige. She make life more enjoyable with each day and she has taught me a lot. I look at how strong she is and how much she has endured. Even when Paige was at her worst she would still have a big smile on her face.I cannot imagine how much Paige has pain she has suffered just so I could keep her.I know that the only reason Paige held on so long was she knew how much I needed her.
I love her with all my HEART.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

paige's new liver!!!!

I am so grateful to the 2 month old donor that gave Paige a second chance at life.I am also grateful to that amazing family that made the choice to give up there child's organs.I will always have a special place in my heart for that selfless family.
The liver was a blessing at a need time. As soon as they connected the liver it intently came to life. Paige's surgery went very well which surprised the surgeons and doctors, because Paige was very sick beforehand.
Each day her color gets better and better. They have not had to give her any blood products of any kind.Her liver is on fire. But we take it a day at a time. I hope and pray that she continues to do well. It is scary to think of what the future holds. For now all things look good.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paige got a liver! The liver she is getting is a baby liver of a child that is younger than Paige.I am so thankful to the family that donated. Paige was sick for so long so it will be hard to think of Paige as a healthy baby. It will be a long road for Paige but we are just so happy that there is hope for Paige.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Livers are important

Life at the hospital is crazy. Each day has something new happens. I get so sad seeing Paige get more and more sick. Watching Paige throwing up blood because her clotting factors are not what they use to be. watching Paige have moments were she does not even know who I am. I have been very grateful to have a home at the hospital. I cannot even think about going home. Even if we were sent home we would be back that night or in the morning. It is sad when all of the nurses know who you means you have been in the hospital too many times. I am thankful that all of the nurses love Paige and take great care of her. I also love Dr. Book. Dr. Book is an amazing woman who truly cares about her liver kids. She has taken time to hold Paige in her arms. She is always showing how much she loves Paige and how much she cares. I know that if anyone where to save Paige it would be Book. I hope Dr. Book keeps loving what she is doing and never quits. There are so many kids who could benefit from her care.