Sunday, June 20, 2010

Paige's doctor told us that she will need a liver transplant in a few months. I am glad that now I know what is happening. now we hope that my husband Joe will be a match so that he can donate. I would donate if I could but they will not let me. Now we wait and hope for the best. doctor book says that Paige will need a transplant in the next seven months.
It has been such a blessing to be out of the hospital for the last month. I always get nervous when we see the doctor, because I am always afraid that we will not allow us to leave.
I am so grateful that Paige has such amazing doctors and that they watch her so close. she is a very special girl. We hope that she gets better soon.

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Douglas Lai said...

I am glad you have started a blog. I was thinking about Paige the other day and wondering how she is doing. I am sorry to hear she will likely need a transplant so soon, but life post transplant can be great. There was so much unknown and worry before Eden's transplant it was almost a relief when the time came.