Monday, August 2, 2010

more hospital stays

Paige is in the hospital again. We came last week with an infection of some kind. Five days later we were back in the hospital. Last week her peld score was 17 five days later it is 26. It is so hard to wait. I can see Paige getting sicker and there is not anything I can do. I think for here on out we will be in the hospital more. I thought I would never get to the point that I would rather be in the hospital than home….but I am there now. It is scary when you wake up to your child struggling to breathe. I hope that we can get offers. No offers yet.


KaiWC said...

Let us know if you want a visit. We are still here in ICS.
-the Corrigans

Erica said...

I just read on Harmonee's blog that Paige is getting her new liver. My prayers are with you and your donor's family. Life post transplant is great.