Wednesday, October 20, 2010

paige's new liver!!!!

I am so grateful to the 2 month old donor that gave Paige a second chance at life.I am also grateful to that amazing family that made the choice to give up there child's organs.I will always have a special place in my heart for that selfless family.
The liver was a blessing at a need time. As soon as they connected the liver it intently came to life. Paige's surgery went very well which surprised the surgeons and doctors, because Paige was very sick beforehand.
Each day her color gets better and better. They have not had to give her any blood products of any kind.Her liver is on fire. But we take it a day at a time. I hope and pray that she continues to do well. It is scary to think of what the future holds. For now all things look good.

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krissy said...

I am so happy she is doing well. I know how you feel about your donor family, eternally grateful. You are right to take it day by day. It is scarey to think long term sometimes. Even after 5 years I have a hard time picturing my daughter in the future. But, I enjoy right now and feel so thankful she got a second chance. Please keep us updated and we send you our thoughts and prayers.
Hannah's mom - Krissy Hakanson